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Enabling our clients to own and take forward asset management in a sustainable way is of paramount importance to us and supporting organisations to develop their competence and maturity underpins all that we do. 

As such our approach to consultancy is focused on knowledge transfer and engagement. Due to the variety of skillsets and backgrounds amongst the eAM team, we deliver a wide range of consultancy services.

Some examples of our work to date include:

    • Enterprise asset management programmes spanning a number of years
    • Linking asset level activities to enterprise business performance through series of tailorable asset contribution models
    • Integration of management systems and business process mapping
    • Introduction of risk-based decision making frameworks
    • Development of tailored competence frameworks
    • Development of online and face-to-face training
    • Review of organisational culture and change capability
    • Implementing reliability engineering programmes
    • Communications support for Asset Management activities
    • Project management support for Asset Management activities
    • Development of asset information strategies
    • Development of an intelligent reporting approach