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eAsset Management and Rainbow Haven Collaboration

The eAsset Management team is excited to announce its sponsorship of Rainbow Haven, as part of our company policy to contribute 10% of profits to good causes every year.

eAsset Management has committed to providing funding for a crèche at Rainbow Haven, a charity that provides support for refugees, asylum seekers and vulnerable migrants in Manchester and Salford.

The additional crèche means that parents are able to attend the English and computer classes that are vital for job-seeking and integration into communities.

The sponsorship of the new Rainbow Haven crèche will begin on 9th of May and continue for twelve months.


Photo: Rainbow Haven Service Users with end-of-course English Language Certificates

Rhys Davies, President of eAssetM, commented:

“We are delighted to support Rainbow Haven, a charity local to our Manchester office, in line with our Corporate Social Investment Policy. As part of our work around the world we seek to support organisations in sustainably managing their infrastructure. In line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we also believe we should invest in supporting the communities around us through appropriate educational goals. The migrant crisis is not remote, and by providing this important support to parents it enables them to build a sustainable life in our community.”

Rachel Foakes, Business and Development Manager of Rainbow Haven, added:

“This is wonderful news for us, and we are very grateful to eAssetM for their interest in our work and their financial support. Our crèche provision is vital for parents of young children who want to attend our classes and gain skills and knowledge so that they can begin to feel more settled here and able to progress here in the UK. It also gives the children the chance to learn English songs and games and play in a safe environment, which is excellent preparation for school nursery. An English learner summed it up for us: “My son loves coming to play in the crèche. He has learnt so many new words. I am very happy and I feel more confident using English now.”



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