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When embarking on an asset management change programme it is important to have a clear understanding of existing maturity, as well as the desired end-state in order to build an appropriate and achievable path to success.

eAsset Management’s proprietary assessment tool Enterprise Dynamics™ is designed to help our clients to achieve compliance with the new ISO 55001 Standard and deliver sustainable value to their businesses as they undertake their asset management journey.

Our approach to delivering the Enterprise Dynamics™ assessment is unique; we believe it is as much about engagement and knowledge transfer as it is about assessment.

As such our delivery includes facilitation of our one-day Enterprise Dynamics Asset Management Game™, as well as workshops on risk, integrated management systems and value drivers.

We recognise that many organisations may want to complete a high level self-assessment of their maturity prior to deciding on a way forward.

As such we have launched Enterprise Dynamics Lite™ (eDY Lite™), a scaled down version of the systems element of Enterprise Dynamics™ (System Dynamics™). This is provided free of charge and will allow registered users three free assessments.

The full Enterprise Dynamics™ suite is only available through a consulting engagement provided by eAsset Management or via our network of approved Partners.