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eAsset Management has successfully delivered projects across the globe. From North (Sweden) to South (Capetown) and from the west coast of the Americas (Vancouver) to Asia (Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia).

In doing this we have become adept at communicating and applying our expertise in a variety of business environments and workplace cultures.

Communicating the finer points of risk based decision making needs to be done in a very different way in Djibouti or Senegal than it does in New York City! We’ve done it in all of those places and we’ve done it successfully.

In positioning ourselves to better serve a global marketplace we have established legal entities in the UK and Malaysia:

  • eAsset Management Limited is registered in the UK and serves our clients in Europe, America, Africa and the Middle East
  • eAssetM Sdn Bhd is registered in Malaysia and serves our clients in the Asia region