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We recognise that effective asset management is reliant upon the right technologies, processes, skills and culture, and, as such, we offer a comprehensive service that addresses all of these elements for our clients.

Our approach, supported by our asset management maturity tool, Enterprise Dynamics™, is aligned to the ISO 55001 and PAS 55 asset management standards, and incorporates industry best practices including operational excellence models.

This enables our clients to benchmark themselves against industry good practice.

Importantly, our approach is focused on understanding how our clients measure value and then using our skills and experience in the asset management field to help them to sustainably maximise value from their asset base.

We support this with comprehensive tools to link assets to financial statements such as balance sheet and P&L.

Services tailored to the needs of our clients ensure that we offer a package that is right for the maturity and culture of the organisation we are working with.

Our core products and services include:

  • Asset management maturity assessment (using Enterprise Dynamics™)
  • One-off asset management maturity improvement projects
  • Asset management program development and implementation
  • Development and support of broader asset management improvement programmes
  • Asset management training, including Risk workshops
  • Board-level asset management awareness briefings
  • Consultancy services
  • Inventory management (using our optimisation software Risk Spare™)