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eAM has been working with our global portfolio of clients since 2013, helping them to Make Good Better.

We do this whilst transferring our skills and knowledge to increase our clients’ core capabilities.

We are growing our business with trading companies in the UK and South East Asia.

This means we are looking for exceptional talent in all of those locations with the ability to take what our clients already do well and make it better.

If a career working around the world with our portfolio of clients excites you, and you want to work at the limit of your capabilities supported by our internationally recognised team, then create your application (go on, be creative and different… we are!)

In your application please show us how you will take your previous experiences to:

  • Work with our clients (multi-national and multi-cultural) to identify opportunities to improve their business
  • Think differently and creatively
  • Facilitate real sustainable change

Through our Community and Social Investment (CSI) Policy we are committed to sharing 10% of our profits with good causes and community programmes.

Feel free to include your thoughts on how you would invest your time, or company funding, in the future of our planet and its communities!

When you’ve created your application send it to or surprise us by finding a more creative means of getting it to us!